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What I'm Loving Lately

What I'm Loving Lately

Hello friends! Lately I have been loving a lot. Whether it be a podcast to even just a cup of coffee, I’ve been trying to find something to love in every situation. This morning, for instance, I found myself waking up bright and early to go to the DMV. At first, I was grumbling about my lack of sleep, but then I looked out my window and was greeted by the most stunning sunset. While I could have focused on the negative (AKA my trip to the DMV), I instead focused on the sunset I was lucky enough to see. That mindset has made 2019 wonderful so far! With that in mind, I thought I would share will you all a few things that have made me especially happy. Let’s get right into it!


My Beats: Oh. My. Goodness. I received a pair of Beats by Dre for Christmas and I cannot get enough of them. Whenever I need to get things done, I always will throw them on and listen to some Lush Lofi music or a podcast. I also really love that they’re chordless! It makes it so easy to move around without getting tangled up in a chord.

Podcasts: I have always been a podcast fan, but lately I can’t stop listening to them! My current favorites are as follows:

Gals on the Go: Started by two of my favorite youtubers, Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio, this podcast is perfect for anyone looking to feel inspired! It is a weekly podcast that comes out on Wednesdays.

Pop Fashion: I have been listening to this podcast for forever. Lisa and Kaarin discuss whats happening in the fashion world right now, all while being so funny and wonderful. I seriously feel like I’m with friends when I listen to their show! It is a weekly podcast and comes out on Thursdays.

Up First: I am a firm believer in staying informed! While I’m not much of a TV gal (my family actually doesn’t even have cable), I do love to listen to NPR’s Up First show to keep me updated with everything happening in the world. This is a daily podcast that comes out every weekday morning, and I think it’s a great (and productive) way to start each day.

If you guys want to see more of my favorite podcasts, let me know!

Rich Brian: While I found Rich Brian a while ago, recently I have had his Amen album on repeat! His is an Indonesian rapper and I love the music he creates. My favorite songs of his right now are Glow Like Dat and Cold!

Duolingo: As some of you may know, I speak Mandarin Chinese! In order to practice it every day, I use the Duolingo app! While I imagine it would be difficult to become fluent in a language just using Duolingo, I just use it daily to improve my Mandarin.



My “Uniform”: Okay guys, while I do post a bunch of my cute outfits on Instagram, I must admit… I do have an everyday “uniform”. With the frigid temperatures and crazy weather in WNC lately, I always opt for my comfortable and warm everyday look: jeans, a comfy sweatshirt, a cool jacket, and either my AF1s or my Doc Martens. This fit definitely gives off cool girl vibes and I love it! Plus, I just love wearing sweatshirts!


Graphic Tees: For days that are a bit less chilly, I adore wearing cool graphic tees! I love pairing them with cute skirts (see above) for a more elevated look. When I’m feeling lazy, I’ll wear one with jeans and some white sneakers. They are so easy to wear and look great!

I hope you guys found this list of things I’ve been loving lately helpful! Tell me your favorites on Instagram!



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