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Summer Nostalgia

Ugh. I'm not going to lie, the period between the beginning of the New Year and Spring is always dull. Whether I'm in class or just sitting at home, I can't seem to stop daydreaming about warmer weather and sunny skies. Here in North Carolina, we just got a bit of a warm spell, so the 50 and 60 degree days are giving me a taste of spring. Also, I just finished finals, so this little break has reminded me of the sweet freedom of summer. On Tuesday I decided to venture out on a little adventure in the name of summer nostalgia: my boyfriend and I went on a picnic! I remember being a little girl and my mother packing the most elaborate platters, complete with fried chicken, potato salad, and even homemade strawberry cakes. My family and I would pack up our little car (and sometimes out boat, too!) and drive up to the Blue Ridge Parkway (or Lake Jocassee) to enjoy the sun-drenched day out in nature. Unfortunately, I can't live up to my mother's southern cooking (and I can't drive a boat!) so we drove over to a local park and had our little picnic by a river. It was so lovely to get outside and munch on some blackberries, sandwiches, and (my absolute favorite) blood oranges! I can't wait until the sky is forever sunlit again and I can have more blissful days like this.

peep the little moon in the last picture!!

Wishing you all a wonderful second semester (and hopefully a sunny one, too!)


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