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some happy pictures, circa twenty fifteen

Holy cow. Somewhere between my everyday rushed breakfasts and crazy school days I had almost forgot this place existed. Quite frankly, Junior year is kicking my ass (more than I would like to admit). I am realizing more and more lately that I hide behind this vision of perfectionism, particularly on here. The simple truth, though, is that NO ONE IS PERFECT. No matter how many posed pictures I post, or how wonderful my feed is, it does not change the fact that I too am human and I struggle. That being said, I am so so thankful for where I have ended up. Change can be scary (and viscerally uncomfortable, too) but I am so grateful for my struggles this year, both intellectually and personally. This school year has been an interesting one, as I am juggling three AP courses and an honors class, along with multiple leadership positions and soon an internship. While its chaotic and stressful some days, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I am so so so thankful for my friends and family for helping me follow my dreams and being there for me when it all becomes overwhelming. These wonderful people are my rock and my home and I don't know what I would do without them. 

Now on to the fun part.

I don't want this blog to be a shroud of perfection. I want to be real with you guys. I want to show you who I am as a person, not as an image. I want to be messy and it be okay. I think there is unparalleled beauty in authenticity and the sad truth is that sometimes social media takes that away. I figure if I, one small teenage girl from NC, can help fight against this, its worth it. So here goes nothing. Here's to spreading authenticity, one blog post at a time. If you like it, feel free to stick around.

Much love and Happy Thanksgiving.


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