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Photoshoot With Oussa Bun

Hello loves! Today I am so thrilled to be sharing some of the wonderful images from my photoshoot last weekend with the amazing Oussa Bun! We met in downtown Asheville and had a lovely time wandering around and snapping pictures! I had so much fun exploring the town and he did such an amazing job with the shots. I adore the dreamy vibes that the images in front of the bus gives off- it's perfect for the autumn season! If you are interested in shooting with him, you can find him on Instagram here. For this shoot, I wanted my outfit to be spunky and fun, and this skirt from Urban Outfitters did just the trick! I love the vintage and flirty vibe it gives off when paired with this tee from Urban. I've really been trying to get out of my fashion comfort zone and this look gave me just the kick I was looking for! For my second look, I styled this top that I was sent from Zaful (read my blog post here for a coupon code!) with my favorite denim skirt from Forever 21! This style gives off metropolitan vibes and I'm loving it. The simplicity is hard to beat!

I had such a wonderful time shooting with Oussa! Here are some of the images from the shoot:

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