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Pack with Me: Two Weeks in Colorado

When I found out I would be exploring Colorado for two weeks I was ecstatic. When I found out I would have to pack all of my belongings in my carryon, however, that thrill faded into anxiety (How in the world would I be able to fit my 5 pairs of shoes, numerous outfits, makeup, and entire life in a tiny track bag?). Fear not, though, with some macgyvering and prioritizing, I was able to pack for two weeks in Colorado in only my carryon. If you are anything like me, this is no small feat. So, my lovely readers, I plan to share with you my essentials for this excursion if case you’re ever forced to pack light!

for exploring mother nature:

I will be spending quite a bit of time in Rocky Mountain National Park, so naturally I will be needing clothing suited for the outdoors. Light tees and running shorts are a must-have, along with a pair of running shoes and sandals for frolicking in the woods! Having a headband is also helpful for keeping flyaways out of your face! 

for trekking through the city:

We also will be venturing into Denver for a few days so I packed some dressier clothes for snapping some insta shots. I have been loving the color yellow for the summer seasons so naturally I packed a high neck top to pair with my favorite denim skirt. I also brought along a breezy striped blouse for the hotter days and some fun floral shorts! These are all pieces you can dress up or down, making them perfect for packing light.

for the trip itself:

In my backpack I always bring a few things to keep me busy on the drive over. I also pack a few traveling essentials, one of which being my travel journal! I adore documenting my memories and I am so excited to do that with this trip. Along with this, I have my polaroid for taking snapshots of my travels and some books to keep me busy. Every road trip needs a good playlist, too! You can find mine here if you want to jam out to some traveling tunes.

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