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Weekend Explorations

Hello, my lovely readers! Today I will be sharing a journal entry from this weekend along with some pictures I took. I had the pleasure of spending the last weekend of the school year with some of my favorite people and I couldn't help but share this little snapshot of happiness. I hope you enjoy! 

june third, twenty seventeen

Today was the best day. The air was filled with the prophesying of summer happenings and better yet- the near fruition of said plans coming true. As we trekked through the trees I saw more than just the vibrance of Mother Earth herself but rather the vibrance of life. I was surrounded by lushness and love, kisses, uncontrollable laughs, messy hair, freckles, bug bites, pure, untainted happiness. The river whisked away my worries and whispered "listen to the birds, how they sing for you". All of Earth's creatures sighed in unison. This is life- don't you dare waste a second of it.


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