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Gingham & Grand Slams

For as long as I can remember, my family would gather around the television and watch the Braves play baseball from our little town in NC. This year for Father's Day, we swapped our seats on the couch to seats in the stadium. We surprised my dad with tickets to today's game and we had such a blast watching our team play the Marlins. I had a wonderful time enjoying the festivities and exploring the brand new stadium. Watching the game was even better! It started out slow while neither team scored, but eventually the Braves began to rack up some points! At the top of the ninth we were tied with the Marlins, but we were able to pull ahead and win the game! It was such an amazing experience to watch the team I've admired on TV for so long in real life. The weather, though, that was another story. It was sweltering and humid, which called for a light summer outfit. I donned my favorite AEO romper (it's currently on sale!), my comfy Vans, and, of course, my Braves hat and shirt. This was the perfect look for the wonderful game day. It was truly the perfect way to celebrate Father's Day and spend time with the coolest dad around.

Happy Father's Day!


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