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Snow Flurries

This Friday night, the much anticipated snow storm hit my neck of the woods in the NC mountains. All week, my school and community were abuzz with the possibility of snowfall. December had been unusually warm, which made us all desperate for cooler weather and icy days. Waking up to a chilling and calm snowy scene on Saturday was the perfect way to begin my wintery weekend. When I wasn't frolicking through the falling snowflakes, I was curled up inside with my cat, a good book, and a cup of coffee. I had such a fun time enjoying this weather and I hope it returns once more before the season ends. 

On this brisk day, I styled my favorite green sweater with some Gap jeans and some lovely rain boots from Target. Not pictured: my seven layers of jackets, socks, and hats to shelter me from the biting wind and cold.

How did you spend your snowy weekend? Tell me on Instagram!


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