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School & Life Organization

Hello everyone! With a new semester coming up, I have a renewed passion for keeping myself organized and on top of my assignments and commitments. I often find that if I don't remain organized and write homework and events down, I'll totally forget them. Today I am going to be sharing some of my favorite ways to stay on top of things- inside and out of school!


For my schoolwork, I use an agenda from Rifle Paper Co (It's currently 20% off!) and it has been a lifesaver. At the beginning of each month, I write in all of my planned events in the calendar. I use the weekly spreads to keep track of all of my homework, club meetings, and sports events. I will write down my homework in order of importance, and once I get home I try to check everything off of my list.


This has been a lifesaver lately, especially with the stress of finals. I recently started bullet journalling, and I use it to budget, keep track of my blog posts, and even plan my outfits. I have a monthly layout, where I write down all of my personal plans and appointments. Then, I have a page for tracking my habits like the days I go vegan or when I do yoga. I also use this page to plan out my blog posts for the month. On the next sheet, I have my monthly budget as well as a monthly to-do list.  After these pages, I have my weekly spreads. I use these to make my daily lists of tasks and plan my meals and outfits. This has been extremely helpful for keeping my eating habits healthy and also taking away the stress of possibly forgetting something. This journal is also perfect for writing shopping or packing lists. If you would like to see a more in-depth post on my blog post, let me know!


One of my go-to study methods is using flashcards or Quizlet. I found this method especially helpful for my Chemistry class this past semester. Every day after class, I would make flashcards for what we learned and studied them daily. This made preparing for tests and eventually the final exam so much easier because I already had the study materials prepared and had been reviewing them. For my English vocabulary, I relied heavily on Quizlet. It is a quick and easy way to memorize words and I highly recommend it. Plus, making flashcards online saves paper!


My last tip is to have a good study playlist! I find it hard to focus while listening to songs with words, so I tend to stick to classical tunes or electronic songs. You can listen to some of my favorites here.

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