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Thursday Thoughts

Whether it be because of the changing seasons or because of my oncoming cold, November has been quite hectic. I find myself too distracted by the buzz of my busy life to take a moment to relax and reflect on life. This month is supposed to be one filled with giving and gratefulness, yet somehow I am overwhelmed by sports, school, and everything else in-between. Writing this post forces me to focus on the good in this hectic life that I live and show gratitude for everything I have. Today I'm sharing a small list of things that make me happy to spread the joy of the season. If you find yourself drifting into the stress of school and life, take a moment to thank someone who cares for you or write a friend a sweet note. After all, the best cure to any ailment (and hopefully my oncoming cold!) is kindness.

1. Sleeping in on Saturday & Sunday mornings.

2. When it's chilly outside but you are wrapped in blankets.

3. Hot cocoa and a good movie.

4. Falling leaves and their lovely colors.

5. A smile- and laughter-filled night out with friends.

6. Bubble baths.

7. Art museums in the summer.

8. Letters and polaroids.

9. Remembering good memories.

10. A warm cup of coffee or tea.

11. Fudge and cookies (or just sweets in general).

12. Warm, fuzzy sweaters.

13. Pretty Instagram feeds.

14. The lovely mountains.

15. A nice, cozy fireplace and its smell.

16. Hugs from family you haven't seen in a while.

17. Feeling cute and confident.

18. The stars on a clear night.

19. A clean room and scented candles.

20. Peppermint sticks.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful November and remember to thank those you love for everything they do for you!


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