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Sadie Jane Travels: Maryland

Hello everyone! This past weekend, I had the pleasure of traveling the the beautiful state of Maryland. I stayed just outside of Baltimore, and my visit to Annapolis and Georgetown left quite an impression on me. Due to my interest in history and civics, I adore this part of our country. Annapolis still holds an air of history about it, even in today's modern age. Meandering through the cobblestone streets and breathing the crisp air was lovely. It seemed that every corner I turned lead me to a new piece of antiquity waiting to be dusted off and explored. This charming town lies on the coast of the Chesapeake Bay, which was settled by the well-known Englishman John Smith. While adventuring in this picturesque haven, he wrote "Heaven and Earth have never agreed better to frame a place for man's habitation". With its cool, crisp Autumn weather and lovely views, I could not agree more. 

Our visit to Georgetown was yet another wonderful experience. Shopping along its seemingly endless streets was the perfect way to spend a Saturday evening. Scattered amongst the big-name shops (Free People, Lush, and Urban Outfitters, to name a few of my favorites) were a few quaint independent stores like L'Enfant Galerie. This charming shop was filled to the brim with antiques and old paintings perfect for wandering through. I felt as if I was lost in beautiful art pieces, vintage china, and even old flags. It was such a lovely experience, and I can't wait to return again.

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