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Sadie Travels: Chicago

Growing up in Western North Carolina, the only skyscrapers I knew were mountains, and seeing buildings taller than trees was unheard of. Instead of getting lost amongst flora and fauna, I found myself wandering through miles of concrete and metal. Naturally, I had to use Google Maps more than a few times to get around! Even with the stark contrast of my rural life and this new city experience, exploring Chicago was one of my more memorable experiences this summer.

Perhaps the most interesting part of my trip was visiting the Art Institute of Chicago. We meandered through many a gallery filled with classic paintings like American Gothic, Van Gogh's Bedroom, and even A Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat. Even after spending an entire day in the museum, I found myself wishing to spend more time with the Institute's vast collection. I also had the opportunity to walk through the Alder Planetarium. Due to my interest in outer space and astrophysics, I found their exhibition on the universe and dark matter fascinating.

Although I enjoyed both of these amazing experiences, I wish I had gotten to spend more time wandering through Chicago. From what little time I spent in the city, I loved the area and the vibe of the locality. Someday I hope to return and continue my explorations of Chicago, but until then, I'll be relaxing in the mountains, with not a skyscraper in sight.

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