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A Gnarly Fourth

Fourth of July weekend has always been full of adventures in my family- from cannonball contests to extravagant fireworks displays. It is a perfect excuse to play with sparklers, swim, and get a few extra freckles in the summer sun. Even though I have such wonderful memories surrounding this holiday, this year seemed to top all of my past Independence Day adventures!

 On Sunday, I went tubing with a few friends along the Green River in Saluda, NC. With our feet dipped in the chilly water, we splashed through the rapids and chanted songs about everything from pizza to bubble gum. To complete the innertubing experience, we shared snacks and chatted about our summer plans. After we finished,  I came out of the river smiling and a little bit sunburnt. It was such a lovely way to kick off my Fourth of July celebrations.

Later on in the day, we all met up again for a camp out and manhunt. The highlight of the evening was when we went night swimming in the rain. We trekked up the road to Lake Sheila while singing (to keep the bears away, of course) and by the time we made it to the water, it was raining just enough to make the lake feel warm. Half asleep, we swam in the fog and enjoyed the quiet beauty of the rainfall on the waters. It was so surreal and perfect that it almost felt like a dream. The next morning we all woke up and ate delicious blueberry pancakes.

After breakfast, my friend Izzy accompanied me to my family's annual pool party. We got to swim, make s'mores, and relaxed in the hammock. Having six uncles, it has always been a tradition in our family to have cannonball contests. Izzy and I joined in this year and helped "rock the pool". After swimming, we built a fire and toasted some marshmallows. With my hair smelling like pool water and campfire smoke, we drove home watching firework displays out of our car windows. Needless to say, my Fourth of July weekend was pretty gnarly!

Here is some footage from tubing and the pool party!

Thank you to Tana and her mom for throwing an amazing campout!

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