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My Yoga Routine

Hello Everyone! It's pouring down snow here in North Carolina, so I thought I would write this post while I'm stuck inside! As you know from my previous post, I would like to practice yoga on a more regular basis in the new year. This means having a more set routine to do either in the morning or at night. Typically it will take me between 25-35 minutes to do a full routine, but depending on how I feel, it can be very short or extremely long. Regardless of how long my yoga session lasts, it is a great workout and is amazing for your flexibility. Not only does it keep you physically fit, but it helps with stress and your mental health as well! Yoga is an extremely calming and entertaining way to exercise, and I highly recommend it.

In this video I go over my typical routine, and some tips and pointers for the beginning yogi!

Remember that your poses don't have to be perfect, and it's okay if you mess up. When I first started doing yoga, I could barely balance on one foot! Although I still am shaky, I have improved greatly since I started. 

Another tip I have is to clear your mind while you are doing yoga. This is what helps relieve stress for me. Whenever my mind wanders, I focus on my breathing or some music that I have playing in the background. You can listen to my yoga playlist here!

Personally, my favorite pose is the standing bow pose. It is difficult to do if you have bad balance, but the more you practice it, the easier it gets! To do this pose, you balance on one foot and pull the other foot closer to your body. I recommend balancing on your dominant foot because it makes it so much easier! While you are grabbing your foot, stick your other hand out in front of you and lean forward while lifting your leg up. As I mentioned previously, this pose can be hard, but it is well worth trying! It is great for strengthening your balance, and it stretches your thigh muscles!

Another pose that I am fond of is the tree pose! It is also based in balance, but it is much easier in comparison to the standing bow pose. You begin by lifting one leg and setting it on your still-standing leg. Again, I recommend standing on your dominant leg, because it makes it a thousand times easier! Then, just try to remain balanced, and enjoy! This pose strengthens your legs and improves your balance, and also is a great pose to use for relaxing and clearing your head in.

The downward dog is arguably the most well-known pose in yoga, as it is the basis for so many different poses. I use it frequently, and it is fairly easy to do. You begin by placing both of your hands on the ground and straightening your legs. Then, you bring the upper half of your body closer to your legs until you form a triangle. Try to keep your feet flat against the floor, but it's okay if you can't do this. With practice, you will improve!

I hope you found this post helpful if you are trying to add a little yoga to your life, and stay safe if you're stuck in snow!


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