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Summer Camp

As many of you know from my instagram, I recently went to Duke TiP Summer Studies at the Duke East campus. I took the class "Philosophy of Time", and it completely changed how I view the world. I had incredible classmates, an incredible RAG group, and even more incredible friends. I can't wait to return next year and spend another three weeks with my second family.

This was my friends and I on "Emo Monday". The entire camp has a spirit week, and you'll see pictures of the other days later on in this post.

My friend and I dressed as frat boys on "Thrift Shop/Cross Dressing" Thursday.

Since my class was about the nature of time, we got to visit the Duke Gardens and make sundials! It was so fun, and the gardens were gorgeous!

The dances were a blast, too! This dance's theme was "Party in the USA", and my friends and I had such an amazing time!

During Quadfest (TiP's version of field day), a local business called Locopops supplied the camp with delicious popsicles. My favorite flavor was peach.

Another day in spirit week was "Hipster Tipster Tuesday". All of us but Brecken (one over from the right) decided that smiling was too "mainstream".

My superlative in my class was "most likely to be the mother of a different species", because I adopted this stuffed monkey named Zaboomafoo. Needless to say, I am the greatest mom ever.

My lovely friends and I at the second dance!

This was my RAG group! My RC was incredible, and so were my RAG members! I hope that we can get together next year at TIP!

There was a gorgeous mural near the campus, and I couldn't resist snapping a picture!

Special thanks to Brecken for being my photographer at Duke Gardens. The scenery was beautiful and I wish I had taken more pictures!

My friend and I had a wonderful time at quadfest!

TIP was such an amazing experience, and I can't wait to return next year. Thank you to all of the wonderful people at Duke East for making TIP the best three weeks of my life.



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