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Sadie Jane Travels: Port St. Joe, FL: Part 1

Recently, My family and I took a trip to Port St. Joe, Florida. Port St. Joe is located about an hour away from Panama City, but it isn't nearly as crowded and commercialized. We were camping in the state park located right outside of the town, and the scenery was incredible. During our stay, we hung out on the beautiful white sand, shell hunted, and even kayaked. It was a truly amazing experience and I can't wait to do it again. While kayaking, I was able to film some wildlife using the GoPro camera. You can find the footage at the bottom of this post or on 


. This post will come in two parts, so keep an eye out for part 2!

Stay on the lookout for Part 2 of this post!



Sadie Jane Travels: Port St. Joe, FL: Part 2

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