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New Years Resolutions

Well, my New Years kiss was great (even though the kisser was unhappy, and also a cat), and I hope 2015 will be, too! I always have tried to set resolutions and almost always fail. One exception to this is that I kept my resolution last year to maintain a journal (which is totally worth it, by the way). I plan to continue my journal and do many other things in 2015, so I thought I would share my resolutions and plans. 

1. Just be happier.
Your attitude and outlook on life is really in your mindset, so being happier will be a rewarding achievement. 

2. Continue "The Ginger Prep".
For me and all of my viewers, this is truly and important goal!

3. Master an instrument.
Maybe a ukulele? 

4. Visit an observatory and enjoy the stars.
Only because our universe is beautiful. 

5. Read JRR Tolkien's "The Lord Of The Rings" trilogy.
I've always wanted to, so why not?

6. Successfully continue my journal.
To prove to my future kids that I was pretty cool when I was their age.


8. Travel out of state on a road trip!
I do enjoy sight seeing.

9. Learn the basics of a new language. 
Maybe German? Or elvish...

It's that simple!

11. Make a t shirt rug. 
I do enjoy a good DIY.

12. $ave more money. 
Ya know, for emergency shopping.

13. Capture more of life's moments.
Cameras are good for something other than selfies!

14. Become an amazing knitter!
Maybe not amazing, but at least good.

15. Drink more tea and less coffee.
For numerous health benefits.

16. Master a sport. 
Archery, yoga, or skiing? Who knows!

17. Drink more WATER!
Again for numerous health reasons.

18. Raise a cactus.
I'll have my own prickly friend.

19. Eat pretty.
Based on one of my favorite books.

20. Dream bigger, work harder.
Just a good motto to live by.

21. Climb a mountain.
Partly for the view, partly for the exercise.

22. Make a short film!
I actually have to do this for class, so I will be achieving this one!

 23. Find a lucky charm.
Because 2015 will be a year to remember, and hopefully a lucky one, too!

I hope that my goals will inspire you to set your own, and to stick to them. Also, please enjoy the picture of my New Years kiss with Kit Kat. :)


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