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Bringing Out My Striped Sweater

It's been getting pretty cold out lately, so I made the desision to put away my summer clothes and bring out the good ole' sweaters! I totally forgot about this mint-and-white striped beauty, so once I found it, I jumped for joy! I got it last year at Gap, so it's no longer availible. 

I wore it to my close friend's small get-together. We made cookies, had tea, and hung out. On another note, I finally finished my Halloween costume. I think y'all will be frightfully surprised!

Next week is going to be really busy, so I'm excited! On Monday we have the book fair, so I'm going to pick up a good read, on Tuesday we have the Open House, on Wednesday we are going on a field trip to the Carl Sandburg House, and on Friday we are throwing a party in my ELA class. Oh, and it's Halloween! Anyways, this was my #ootd! 

Also, my close friend leaves for a two month trip to Germany soon! I'm so jealous! 

I hope you have a wonderful day!


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