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Fandom Friday!

I am so excited to be writing this post! In honor of the Doctor Who season premiere tomorrow at 8:00 PM, I have a DIY for you all! It's a Doctor Who Shell, but you can make this with a rock, or even just paint it on a canvas! I would recommend doing this DlY on a rock or canvas if you aren't a very good painter or do not have patience. Since the shell has ridges, it is much more difficult.

Just lil' ole me holding my art project!

The first thing you need to do is gather all of your needed supplies. You will need:

A pencil and some paintbrushes,

A sharpie or a black felt tip pen,

Silver glitter, white, red, dark blue, and glow in the dark paint, a very fine-tip paint brush,

And a garbage bag to work on. Lay this flat on the ground or on a table.

Now that we know all of the needed supplies, lets get started!

Step 1-

Take your white paint and cover your shell with it.

It took me about 3 layers of paint to get it truly white.

Step 2-

Draw a rectangle shape on the shell with your pencil, then fill it in with your blue paint. Don't worry if it isn't perfect, you can fix it later.

Step 3-

While that is drying, I drew a tardis on a piece of paper so that I would have an idea of what I wanted my shell's design to look like.

Step 4-

Here's where it gets complicated, especially if you are working on a shell. After your paint has finished drying, trace the outside of the paint with a sharpie or felt tip pen. Then, using your fine-tip paint brush, fix any mistakes you made in the basic shape. Let that dry, the take the white paint and your fine-tip paint brush and add the white of the windows, the two signs, and the light at the top. Let that dry, then fix any imperfections with the small brush again. After that,  draw the lines in the top window-like things. While that is drying, outline the rest of the boxes on the tardis door, and with your sharpie or felt tip pen, write in the words or designs on the two signs. Then, using the same pen or sharpie, draw a rectangle at the top of the tardis and color it in. This will become the sign that says police box. You can then write the word POLICE in this rectangle using your fine-tip brush and white  paint. After that dries, you can fix any imperfections with your small brush.

Step 5-

While that was drying, I wrote DOCTOR WHO on the other side of the shell using my small brush.

This is what it should currently resemble.

Step 6-

Since the Eleventh Doctor is my favorite, I decided to paint red bow ties all over mine. I took my smallest brush and drew a small circle with the red paint and filled it in. Then, I added the "wings" to the tie. I repeated this process until I had the desired amount of "cool" bow ties. After they dried, I outlined them with pen.

Step 7-

The next thing I did was add little clouds with the glitter paint. I just drew spirals around the tardis and the lettering on the shell.

After I let that dry, I coated the shell with the glow in the dark paint.

Here is the final product!

Have a FANTASTIC day!


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