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Book Reccomendations!

Hello! I wanted to give you some book reccomendations since the school year is coming up fast! These are all of my overall favorite books, plus, they have good point value if your school participates in the Accelerated Reader program!

First up is The Underneath. I read it a few years ago and it just stuck with me. It is about a cat who was abandoned by her owner because she was about to have kittens and her journey with a dog she meets. I love it how all of the story lines intertwine to form such a beautiful tale!

Next is Watership Down. It is about some rabbits who leave their warren to escape the humans who are trying to kill them. My parents read it to me when I was very small, and I still remember the day we finished it!

The Night Circus is another beautifully written book. I love how it is many stories that all effect each other. It is definitely one of the top books in my list! It is about a circus whose existence depends on a fight-to-the-death contest between a girl and a boy. It is really an amazing story!

Another great book is To All The Boys I've Loved Before. I got it for my birthday, and it is seriously a killer book! It is about a girl who writes letters to boys she loved but no longer wants to be in love with. Once she finishes the letter, she puts them into her mothers old hat box. One day, they got mailed out and she has to deal with the situation. It is worth getting!

On a different note, Mountains Beyond Mountains is a very incredible book. I am required to read nonfiction, and this story was amazingly hard to put down! It is about a man who is trying to cure deadly diseases in a very underprivileged country!

I hope you have a great day!


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